Granite State Comicon 2010

Granite State Comicon

This past Sunday was the annual Granite State Comicon in Manchester, New Hampshire. As always (for the last few years anyway) circlecomics was on hand shopping wares and talking to comics fans.

Setting Up

Setting up for the show.

The guys at Double Midnight Comics that run the show continue to outdo themselves on an annual (actually semi-annual if you count their other shows) basis putting these shows together. They have a great relationship with all of the area artists, vendors and comics related organizations. There were gaming tournaments, a costume contest, the biggest Artists Alley New Hampshire has ever seen and several quality headlining guests. On top of that they were able to get the show into a much larger and more impressive convention space within the Radisson Hotel in downtown Manchester. It really took the show to another level.


Don't make eye contact...

This was the first time in quite a while that I never really felt like the flow of traffic died down. Sure there were times that it was slower than others, but I never felt like I had a window to get up from my table and walk around to check out the rest of the convention hall. The only exceptions I made were to use the restroom, to get food and to get my picture taken with the amazing life-size portrait of Vigo the Carpathian that the Ghostbusters of New Hampshire brought with them. Let’s hear it for the GB’s of NH, by the way, top notch charity group that I cannot stop looking at when they walk by (it’s the blinking lights on the proton packs). They really need to take the next logical step and call Bobby Brown already. Like that guy has anything better to do than hold doors for them?

It's Vigo!

Tragedy and Comedy.

Thanks also to Chris or Scott Proulx at Double Midnight (whoever made up the map of the tables for Artists Alley) for sitting me next to Jeremy McHugh. I’ve been at other events with the guy and have seen him do pencil sketches during conventions or FCBDs… but this time I got to watch him water color paint. Damn. Fine. Work.

It was also cool to catch up (in person) with Blair Shedd of OneGemini Studios fresh off his run on IDW’s “Doctor Who.” 2 minutes of “hey, how ya doin’?” is about the extent of our in person communication at shows. We’re usually limited to Facebook and Twitter comments.

Lastly, the night before the show there was a Drink ‘n’ Draw event. I was fortunate enough to sit with Talent Caldwell, local (to me, anyway) artist Sara Richard and soon-to-be-FORMER-local Scott Wegener. It’s always interesting to watch how other artists approach a sketch and just being in a casual environment where you can get to know people a little more personally than towering above them while they sit and draw at their table during a convention. I ended up doing 4 drawings (Captain Marvel/Shazam, Wolverine, Hellboy and Pat Covey as the Covinator) that will be added to the stack that was produced to be auctioned off for charity.

Now preparation begins for my next appearance which will be at the New England Small Press Assembly (NESPA) show in Warwick, Rhode Island, July 18. Hope to see you there!

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