• From now on call me... circlecomics.

    Alright, there's no change to the actual name here at It's still the place where I'll be posting news and updates related to my illustration or comics work but I finally pulled the facebook page into line with the rest of the website overhaul. Previously the "circlecomics" site was a "Stick-Man" specific site to the point where it was actually categorized as a "person/fictional character." That was fine when the only purpose of it was to be a fan page for the Stick-Man comics, but it's purpose has shifted and I'm happy to see that facebook actually let the name change go through instead of making me set up a new page and trying rustle up all the page likes again.

    Change is good, especially when it's the kind where nothing really changes. It's safe, low risk. Everything you thought you knew is still correct, so don't freak out or anything.

  • "That's Spinach" Commission Added to Gallery

    I recently did a comission for a friend who has started gaming on the streaming, gaming... network... thing (look her up at thats_spinach). I'll be honest, I don't know all the ins and outs of it just that the existence and growth of people streaming videos of themselves online playing games and being watched and/or watching someone play and it being a way to earn money is a very distinct line that exists between me and feeling like I am "hip" "with it" or youthful in any way.

    To make myself feel better I'm going to go post pictures of my Star Wars action figures on instagram.

  • Burndyman Samples Added

    Just added 2 galleries of sample pages from the "Burndyman" comic that I worked on recently. Commissioned by Marcom 4 ( for Burndy ( as a promotional piece. This book consisted of 12 interior pages plus cover. Written by Marcom 4, illustrated and lettered by me using's "Back Issues" font ( and colored by Alfredo Lopez ( The first gallery features the unlettered, uncolored lineart and the second gallery is the finished pages.

  • Stick-Man is now circlecomics

    Quick note: As part of the completion of the Stick-Man “Kilorax” story arc and the redesign of I am changing the name of the Stick-Man Facebook page from “Stick-Man by Daniel Larson” to “circlecomics.” I intend to use the page to post news and promote all of my illustration and comics related projects not just Stick-Man. Facebook has a ridiculously long process for changing a Facebook page name and I am told this change will go into effect in about 2 weeks or so.

    You have been warned.

  • I've been on the web since 1994 but I'm still new to this.

    I've been on the web since my first year of college back in 1994. That said, there is still alot about it that I don't know much about nor how to fix. I know for a fact that I was so concerned about switching my domain over to this new site that I never considered pulling my old blog posts off of the old site and then moving them here. Now that is pointing at THIS site... I don't know how to access the old site. Maybe I'll ask my 9 year-old nephew. They probably teach that kind of stuff in first grade now.

    The thing I'm most concerned about losing is any weight that the old blog posts might have had in search engines for certain keywords due to the age and abundance of those old posts. For instance, Manchester, NH was something I had definitely written into LOTS of blog posts. Now I'm concerned that Manchester, NH is not going to be something that the search engines use to bring up my site, when people might be looking for comics book artists or illustrators in the Manchester, New Hampshire area.

    I had lots of posts about 24 Hour Comics Day and the years that I had participated. Not to mention all the posts about Double Midnight Comics in Manchester, NH and Granite State Comicon (known as Granitecon) and all the years that I had particpated in that.

    Either way I have to find a way to rebuild my old Top 10 Favorite Comic Book Covers post because it was a huge result when people were searching for Mike Zeck covers.

    For now, keep in mind: Manchester New Hampshire artist comics illustration granitecon Granite State Mike Zeck Top 10 Best Daniel Larson.

    HOT BONUS TIP: Facebook does NOT like you changing the name of your "business" page. They also don't like it if you don't want to capitalize your name. Part of their "naming guidelines" specifically states that you must use "proper" capitalization and punctuation. So, even though my "brand" is circlecomics, all lower case, all one word... they don't want to see that. Fine. I'll play along, but it better mean granting me the change.

    How do I know this? Because I'm changing the Daniel Larson's "Stick-Man" page called "Daniel Larson's Stick-Man" over to a general circlecomics page called "Circlecomics." So, assuming that change gets approved (I assume a special session of the board of directors will have to be called and a two-thirds majority vote for it to pass. Fingers crossed, me and Zuck haven't been friends for a while).

  • Site redesign and relocation

    I've been talking about doing it for a while now and today was the day. Newly designed and awash with new website smell. For now it's just the Gallery which is a general look at stuff that I have done either for myself of for various clients and the Comics section which has various comics that I have worked on for myself or for clients.

    Coming soon... more stuff. Also a store. If you want it. Let me know.