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  • From now on call me... circlecomics.

    Alright, there's no change to the actual name here at It's still the place where I'll be posting news and updates related to my illustration or comics work but I finally pulled the facebook page into line with the rest of the website overhaul. Previously the "circlecomics" site was a "Stick-Man" specific site to the point where it was actually categorized as a "person/fictional character." That was fine when the only purpose of it was to be a fan page for the Stick-Man comics, but it's purpose has shifted and I'm happy to see that facebook actually let the name change go through instead of making me set up a new page and trying rustle up all the page likes again.

    Change is good, especially when it's the kind where nothing really changes. It's safe, low risk. Everything you thought you knew is still correct, so don't freak out or anything.